What has happened in the CCP Review so far?

The community engagement on Council's Community Conservation Program will occur in three stages.

Stage 1:  Community Conservation Program Survey (March 2013 on 'Have Your Say')

Stage 1 was completed on 31 March. The survey provided the first step for Council to receive feedback from stakeholders on how well the current programs are working and responses to possible alternative models for Community Conservation program.

Stage 2: Discussion Forum and Focus Groups (10 May to 5 June 2013) explored the existing and possible management models in more detail. 

Stage 2 was completed on 5 June 2013.

  • A Discussion Forum on Have Your Say provided additional feedback from the general volunteer community on the possible managment models.
  • Focus groups of invited BMCC staff and volunteer representatives examined various aspects of the alternative models and the implications for the further development of the Community Conservation Program in the future.

Thank you to all respondents and focus group participants.

Stage 3: Public Exhibition of the revised Community Conservation Program Strategy

The results of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 engagement is currently being used to contribute to the development of a draft Strategy, which will be placed on public exhibition in mid 2014.

The reports on Stage One and Stage Two of the stakeholder engagement can be viewed in the Library.

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This consultation has concluded.

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