What is happening at Buttenshaw Park?

    Buttenshaw Park will be receiving an upgrade thanks to the Western Sydney City Deal Liveability Program. Through the Western Sydney City Deal, we have more than $1.5 million to spend on making upgrades to the Buttenshaw Park. 

    We are also starting work on developing a Plan of Management for the park. . This plan will include the City Deal upgrades, as well as a broader plan for the park.

    What’s involved in the City Deal upgrade?

    The upgrade will create an inclusive youth play space with adventure activities for older kids. The Masterplan and Plan of Management are not part of the City Deal Funding.

    What is a Plan of Management?

    A Plan of Management is a legal document developed to guide how a park or reserve will be managed. It establishes directions for planning, permissible uses management and maintenance of the land.

    The Local Government Act 1993 requires Council to have a Plan of Management in place for all public land that is classified ‘community land’, and these plans must be endorsed by.

    What is a Masterplan?

    The Masterplan is a more detailed plan that guides future design and development for public spaces. It outlines developments which improve function and access; recognise, respect and enhance the existing character; and facilitate social activity and amenity for both residents and visitors. Masterplans must be endorsed by Council.

    What is a ‘district park’?

    Buttenshaw Park is one of four district parks in the Blue Mountains. District parks are large and high quality parks that cater to the needs of the broader Blue Mountains community. They offer a wider variety of activities and settings and are often the most popular parks and playgrounds. District parks can cost over $1 million to upgrade. More information about parks and playgrounds is available at: www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/recreation/playgrounds

    Why is the play space focused on teenagers?

    We want to continue to provide safe and inclusive places for everyone in the Blue Mountains. It’s important for our youth to feel a part of the community and providing a welcoming and engaging space is a great way to do this. Council’s Resilience Report showed that physical activity drops significantly as teenager’s age so this is a great opportunity to encourage teenagers to get outside.

    Buttenshaw Park has the potential to become a youth-focused space because of its larger size and location. The park is located next to the Springwood Aquatic and Fitness Centre and some sports courts. The sloping hill also allows for more challenging play opportunities that are suited to older kids and youth.

    Will there be any change to the existing junior playspace?

    Not in the short term. The junior playspace is in good condition and the City Deal grant funding is only for the creation of a youth adventure play space. In the long term it is desirable that the youth and junior play spaces are closer to each other. As part of the community consultation for the Masterplan, the most suitable location for the junior playspace will be identified. 

    Will there be more noise from more people coming to the park? I live nearby and I’m concerned about that.

    The Plan of Management and Masterplan provides you with the opportunity to talk to us about your concerns and how you would like to see the park being used so together we can find solutions that will benefit both users and residents. 

    Will it increase traffic from the highway?

    As part of the upgrade, a traffic study will be undertaken that looks at the flow of vehicles in and around Buttenshaw Park. This information will assist as the Plan of Management and Masterplan are developed.

    Will there be more parking?

    The consultation for the Plan of Management and Masterplan will provide an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the current and future parking needs at Buttenshaw Park.