November 2016: Community Workshop Success

over 3 years ago

As a key part of its community consultation for the early stages of the Masterplanning for Blaxland, Council held a community workshop in the Sharon Burridge Hall at the Lower Mountains Community facilities on Saturday 26 November. Around 130 people attended on the day, using a drop-in session format.

Council provided summaries of background studies including Property, Retail, Traffic and Parking and Urban Design Analysis.

Participants were then able to comment on Blaxland town centre -“the bad bits”

Town Centre “good bits”

And then identify what they saw as “opportunities”

They were also asked where they did their shopping

People were also asked what their “vision for Blaxland town centre” was

And there was a “Kid’s Vision”

Council staff are currently reviewing and summarising comments so that a range of options can be developed. Staff have also distributed a survey questionnaire that can be accessed on the Blaxland Have Your Say website.

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Current consultation has concluded.