Council has commenced a Masterplanning process for the Town Centre of Blackheath. This process includes two public workshops for residents to provide input before the draft document is presented at the Council meeting in February 2016 to be placed on public exhibition. You can view the introductory documents in the Library.

Masterplanning Objectives

  • Enhance the viability and vitality of Blackheath through better functioning streets and
  • public spaces
  • Reinforce & enrich the town’s identity & character through detailing of the public
  • domain
  • Demonstrate a high quality of urban design that is robust, functional, cost effective &
  • long lived
  • Improve & develop ongoing partnerships with the local community through
  • consultation

The Preconditions for Masterplanning are:

  1. Expected to have a life of 15-20 years;
  2. Applies to the public domain only (roads and footpaths)
  3. There is no additional funding identified;
  4. Changes will be designed to be incremental - therefore achievable in stages over the life of the Masterplan;
  5. Improvements in town centre functioning and management of risk are to be prioritised;
  6. Public Domain improvements will be integrated with infrastructure renewal.

Follow the steps from 1-6 to get most value out of the Masterplanning Analysis stage.
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Thank you for your interest in this project. This consultation is now over and the final document can be accessed online at

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