Do I need development approval for portable pools or spas?

    The short answer is: If the capacity of the pool or spa exceeds 2,000 litres then you will need approval before you install, fill or use it.

    Do I need a pool fence for portable, inflatable or small pools?

    Any pool that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm (30cm) or more requires a pool fence (child-resistant barrier).  The pool fence needs to be a minimum height of 1.2m, have a gate that swings away from the pool that is self closing and self latching from all distances, and complies with the requirements for strength and rigidity.

    Please refer to The Swimming Pools Act 1992 (as amended), the Swimming Pools Regulation 2012, Australian Standard 1927.1 - 2012 and the Building Code of Australia for further information on the requirements for pool safety. 

    Do I need a pool fence or lockable cover for a spa?

    The Swimming Pools Act and Regulation also applies to Spas (but not spa baths).  A pool fence or a lockable child safe structure (such as a lid, grille or mesh) is required.

    Council has approved my swimming pool, why does it need to be inspected again?

    Swimming pool barriers require ongoing maintenance to ensure that they are effective.  Areas that are often neglected include the operation of the gate, vegetation growing near the fence and construction adjacent to the fence such as decks and BBQ’s.  It is also important to keep pool owners educated, particularly where properties are purchased with an existing swimming pool.