Documents on Public Exhibition

Documents on Public Exhibition

This Resourcing Strategy outlines the Council’s resourcing commitment to implementing the objectives and strategies within the community strategic plan, Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025, given available resources. Through the Resourcing Strategy, the Council sets out its delivery and financial capability over the next 10 years. This Strategy also outlines the Council’s major resourcing challenges and its Six Strategies for Financial Sustainability.

The Resourcing Strategy 2014-2024 is comprised of five parts. The last three parts are integrated components of the strategy, which are legislatively required under the Local Government Act:

Part 1 - Overview
Part 2 - City Context
Part 3 - The Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) 
Part 4 - The Asset Management Strategy and Policy (AMS&P)
Part 5 - The Workforce Management Strategy (WMS)

This Strategy also sets out the available resources supporting implementation of the Council’s four-year Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan.

Significantly, this Resourcing Strategy 2014-2024 presents three different options for Resourcing Our Future to build a successful future for the Blue Mountains. A comprehensive program of community engagement on these three options, detailed within this Strategy, is planned for implementation in August and September 2014.

The Service Dashboards: Summary Service and Asset Plans is a companion document to this Resourcing Strategy. It provides a snapshot at one point in time (June 2014), of each Council Service and how the three different Options for Resourcing Our Future impact on long-term service provision levels and capacity to maintain, renew and upgrade built assets.

The interim and Supplementary Delivery Program - July 2014, is an updated version of last year's Delivery Program 2013-2017.  The revison of the Program is provided for the purpose of community engagement on "Resourcing Our Future'.  It has been developed in response to the resourcing strategies proposed in the Resourcing Strategy 2014-2024.

The Delivery Program presents the Council's level of commitment in response to implementing the priorities and aspirations of the Blue Mountains community as expressed in teh City's community strategic plan - Sustainable Blue Mountians 2025.

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