Why does Leura need a Local Area Traffic Management Plan?

    Leura was chosen for a LATM study as it has been previously identified that there are a number of long-term traffic issues affecting the village. This study will incorporate previously completed work from the Leura Tourist Bus Strategy, and will seek new community feedback to better capture traffic and transport issues affecting all road users.

    The study will identify general traffic flow trends on local roads, examine existing user and traffic conflict issues, and will propose solutions to improve the overall amenity of the Leura village.

    What is Local Area Traffic Management?

    A Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study is a tool used to examine all aspects of existing transport conditions within a set precinct. It can address issues such as vehicle conflict, speed, road safety, pedestrian flow, cyclist facilities, and suggests solutions to mitigate these problems by assessing data and community feedback.

    Will this study include any new construction?

    The Leura Local Area Traffic Management Study will not include the construction or alteration of any traffic devices. This study will provide a broad, long-term plan of management to improve the function of the road environment in Leura, but it does not commit Council to construct any of the proposed treatments.

    What is 'Link and Place' or 'Movement and Place'?

    Link and Place is an approach to planning and designing that recognises that streets are an integral component to the liveability of urban centres, rather than just a way to facilitate the movement of vehicles.